A Tactical Lil Tid Bit

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I found this Tactical gem in the crease of my Chipotle bag.  It caught my eye especially because I feel like I do not see much art or illustration of the current military in day to day life. Then I read the story and it was intriguing as well.  I researched this concept and learned about Chipotle's Cultivating Thought” Essay Contest for middle and high school students, offering each of 10 winners a $20,000 scholarship.  They used the chosen works as inspiration and content for their bags, cups & marketing materials.

This particular story was about a family of refugees story having their last meal before they were coming to America.  Whatever your beliefs are on refugess or Chipotle or short stories, in the end the tactical illustration is awesome and something I do not see often and I wanted to share.  Now I am hungry thinking about Mexican food, and I hope the same thing has been cursed upon you! haha


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