Summer and socks. Not everyone equates the two as a positive. It's hot, it's humid, your feet sweat, and they can start to smell, not to mention many are uncomfortable in the heat already and the thought of putting on any extra layers just makes them start sweating.

But socks aren't just for winter and business meetings. There is a multitude of practical as well as medical reasons why you should be packing those socks this summer for your next adventure into the mountains, your next drill, or your next visit to the cabin.

Before you plan your next summer adventure, don't forget your feet and these best socks that can handle any terrain your sun-filled venture might encounter.

But why should I wear socks in summer?

One of the things a good sock will do is absorb moisture. The average foot can sweat up to half a pint of day and you don't want that moisture sitting on and in your feet. Moisture breeds fungal infections, like athlete's foot. Trying to treat a case of athlete's foot days away from any drug stores or modern convenience stores doesn't sound like a terribly enjoyable summer vacation.

It's easy to mistakenly think that socks = warmer feet, but that's not the case either if you choose the right kind of weave, fabric and sock. Certain materials are known to have more breathability, and breathability leads to moisture evaporation that cools down the feet and keeps them dry.

Second, not wearing socks could lead to foot-related maladies, such as but not limited to: blisters, ingrown toenails and corns. Socks make a protective layer between your foot and your footwear that keep your feet healthy. Healthy feet mean walking or running or easier movement, which is important in your active, on-the-go experiences this summer.

Socks also provide protection for the skin on your ankles and tops of feet against the harsh UV of the bright sun.

Socks also help control odor, as too much sweat on the feet or into shoes can cause your feet and footwear to begin to smell.

So which summer socks are the best for this summer?

Darn Tough Socks

Socks made with or out of Merino wool are hands down one of the most popular choices for heat and humidity. Merino wool makes a pair of socks the ultimate in breathability and cooling while protecting your feet from sun, shoes, and sweat.

Merino wool will wick away moisture from your feet, meaning your skin dries fast, and as a material it is naturally antimicrobial, helping fight against bacteria and the bacteria that cause foot odor.

FITS® Light Tactical – Crew, boot and trail.

Like Darn Tough's socks, FITS® Light tactical socks are made with Merino wool, the exceptional wool that allows a foot to be cooler and a material breathable enough to wick away sweat and moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

FITS® differs in offering a 100% merino wool interior to the sock, making this sock extremely soft and extremely durable. As they are lightweight, they're perfect for the field or for any activities for trekking far and wide.

Specially made for the country's finest armed services and first responders, FITS® were made tough and to last, especially in the most demanding environments. FITS® socks are Berry compliant, offering extra comfort and protection with a cushioned foot and mesh top and leg. These socks are reinforced further with nylon on the outside for reliable durability.

These socks are also designed with a heel lock to prevent movement, chafing as well as blisters and limit material in the toe to prevent uncomfortable bunching.

What other features make for the best summer socks?

When looking for the best summer sock, you want to make sure they have a few important key features to get the best comfort and protection. Things you want to look for when considering the best summer socks for your adventures:

  • Specially knit to be seamless.
  • Material and fabric. Certain materials are simply more durable and better at keeping feet cool and dry. Materials should be Merino wool, a mix of merino wool and/or acrylic, nylon and small percentages of elastane, spandex of lycra to allow the sock to fit properly. (%2-%. Avoid cotton socks. Even though cotton is a cool, soft material, it will cause your feet to sweat more. Cotton takes a long time to dry out.
  • Sock weight. The thicker the sock, the warmer. You're going to sweat enough in the heat, you don't want to double or triple that on your feet. Not to mention, the lighter the sock, the less weight you have to carry when backpacking.
  • Fit snugly without cramping toes and avoiding excess material to bunch there and at the heels. Your socks shouldn't rub, pinch, or be too loose as to bunch.
  • Cushioning. Socks with cushioning offer extra moisture absorption, shock absorption, and an extra protective layer between your foot and the soles of footwear.
  • Know what you will be doing when wearing socks! Running, mountaineering, hiking, and all various other activities have different demands on your feet. Look for socks specially made for what adventure you have planned.

Make sure to pack your bag with as much thought as the socks you wear this summer, and you won't have to worry about what to do if you encounter the worst that could happen! With these best summer socks, you're on your way to a worry-free summer adventure with memories to last!

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