Garbage Pail Kids : TD Tradition

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We have accidentally created a pretty awesome & nostalgic Tactical Distributor's tradition.  Often times on Friday's the gang hits the local pizza joint, Cogan's in Downtown Norfolk for lunch.  After several visits, some began wander over to the comic book shop, Local Heroes, next door on the way back to the car.  Not only do they have a great comic book selection, their toy game is next level.  We were drawn to the mystery box Garbage Pail Kid's.

Eventually we became hell bent on collecting the whole series.  Now our desks are littered with these lil guys.  We are waiting for them to stock a new series since we have pretty much depleted the 2nd Series!  The campy movie & collectors cards were a part of our childhood & at $10 a pop its fun to gamble on which creepy kid you will be taking home (work home).  Also, they have one on display you can opt to swap for if you like it better than the one you received.  Or in our case, you may already own it.  Below are profiles of the TD Fam & their kiddie meal prizes.  

MEET : Sinister Jennifer & Cy Clops "I think he has my eye(s)."


We will be moving locations in the next couple months and we will have to lay this tradition to rest.  

MEET : Feral Frank & Eerie Eric "Party wolf!"

We will hopefully stumble upon something just as fun & grotesque near our new dwelling.  Before we make the move we want to high light the new spawn of the TD Family.  

MEET : Skeevy Stevie & Beasty Boyd

We will think of it as an ode to this era of TD.  Possibly one of the coolest things to come from the time spent in Norfolk.  

MEET : Ralphin' Robbie & Richie Retch "Like father, like son."

Don't get me wrong, we are very excited to get back to our roots in Virginia Beach & start a new collection!

MEET : Messy Jesse & Split Kit "We don't trust no one!"




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