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Some very important news broke yesterday!  Texas ranchers were shock rocked by the arrival of the 'Kiss Calf'.  The partied-out 25 year old mama birthed the love child well past her prime & shocked the seasoned ranch owners.  They dubbed the baby cow Genie Simmons.  

The Hill Country Visitor reported it best on their Facebook page, "Gene Simmons, Where were you on our about November 25, 2016? This calf was born in Kerrville, Texas on the Ranch of a Heather Leonard Taccetta who works at Cowboy Steak House

Now Obviously, we can't serve this fine specimen, we may just keep Genie as we call her, as a Mascot for the Steakhouse. 

Now Heather DID ADMIT that they had 99.5 KISS Rocks San Antonio; listening to KISS
Just thought this WONDER OF NATURE was worth sharing!"  

Not to mention the trade mark tongue move lil Genie naturally displayed.  This would be some strange groupie love but after touring for as many years as KISS, nothing is surprising at this point. Just when you think the world can't get any does.  Thank you universe for this useless yet entertaining tid-bit!


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