MOLLE + PALS = Explanation of a Strong Friendship

MOLLE + PALS = Explanation of a Strong Friendship

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If you are reading this blog I am sure you have spotted or use a piece of gear sporting the Military grid system located on the exterior of luggage or bags.  This post is more for the novice person who has seen it but doesn't know what its called or how to use it. It is called Modular Lightweight Loadcarrying Equipment aka MOLLE (pronounced Molly, as in the female name).

It was developed out of a need for load-bearing equipment that can be customized for NATO armed forces.  Mainly utilized by the British and United States Army.  This system allows for organization & segmented packing.  Allowing for lighter traveling once you have reached a base and carry out daily activities by only bring the items you need for a specific trek or mission.  This is a universal spec so all units are compatible no matter what brand or manufacterer.  It is made of nylon which allows it to be durable, also the weaving system used to attach the bags and pouches to be reinforced.  The foundation of the system is called PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) it was designed by the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center.  The under-over technique for attaching the the modules to the gear can be tricky to attach which is the same reason they are difficult to dettach, when you are carrying everything you need, you cannot afford to lose a single thing.  It reigns superior in the modular tactical gear set up.

Another great aspect of this system is that is allows you to break down and access equipment you need at moments notice with out  disrupting your entire pack.  There is nothing worse than having to repack your bag every time you need something to stay organized. Worse yet not repacking it immediately and ending up with a pile of your stuff and sifting through it each time your in need.  You can create your modules based on different routine activities and group your items based on those needs.  For instance, a first aid kit or toiletry bag, you can break it off & take it to the bathroom with you.

The great thing about this system is you build it and add to your collection as you see fit.  You want to build your pack based on purpose driven needs, each pouch built around specific activities.  Compartmentalize your most common functions and really think out your mission or adventure.  These systems are also commonly used by first-responders and adventurers.  Consider it your traveling bag lego set that encourages customization and allows you to artfully plan everything you will need on your person. summed up the pros & cons for Molle to see if it is right for you & your needs

Is MOLLE-Compatible Gear Right for You?


  • Increase storage and organization easily
  • Removing modules reduces weight for a lighter carry
  • Future additions to your EDC are guaranteed to be compatible
  • Grid system is designed to be extremely secure
  • PALS lays flat, adding no additional bulk to your gear when not used for attachments


  • Design may be too “tactical” for some
  • The security of PALS may be a liability if you need a quick way to attach or detach modules
  • Can make it easy to carry more than you need to, which can be a strain on your body

Whether for general knowledge to plan your next mission or trip or just an interesting tid bit of info.  The spot light on this ergonomic configuration is another little insight in the daily life of our military, which also translates into an adventurers pack.  Next time your in the airport or on a trip you can drop these knowledge bombs on whoever is in ear-shot.  You're welcome.   The video below is also a very informative video about the subject. 


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