We came across a fully detailed review of the New Glock Gen5 Pistol on Recoils blog. They called out all the new bells & whistles that the new member of the Glock family offers.  The close similarities to the FBIs gun of choice gives it the legit endorsement any enthusiast will take interest in.  They provide an in-depth comparison to its predecessor the Gen 4. They improved on the existing sleek design.

Gen5 Pistol


The main updates focus on the grip, barrel & finger grooves (or lack there of).  From first glance they almost look exactly like the Glocks FBI totes.  It is the inner-workings that have the most drastic differences.

barrel & finger grooves

Its notable that they really stepped up the ergonomic functions.  Recoil called out the answer to a common issue with the Gen 4 "The Gen5’s have a flared magwell that we didn’t find obnoxious or printy, and the Gen5 G17  has a cutout on the front to help get a grip on stubborn mags."

Much of the newly engineered features in the Gen 5 are on the inside, where it really matters.  They also mention for now they are trying to perfect this design and are not focusing on the after market value.  Naturally that will evolve once they master this piece. 

Read more on the full break down of the Glock Gen 5 Pistol here: http://www.recoilweb.com/inside-the-glock-gen-5-129141.html#ixzz4r3vJdUFd

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