Painted Noses High Up in the Air

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The art of flying is always an impressive skill that requires hundreds of practice hours to get to the expert level required of the Air Force and Pilots in general.  The same amount of dedication and diligence is required in mastering the skill of illustration and painting.  It only makes since the two go hand & hand. 635963388552222856-070419-A-4566T-001

Nose art provides a certain nostalgia from yester-year.  It gives the soldier freedom to express their pride by allowing them to customize their metal birds.  Nose and body art requires approval from command before it is artfully carried out.  Nose art began in Europe during WWI, the US picked up the trend and used American pop culture as inspiration for their art of pin-up girls & cartoon characters.

Displaying one's uniqueness is hard to come by in the regimented structure of the military.  Painted aircraft acts as a moment in time, remembering a certain mission, the climate of the country or symbolic feelings.  It has come and gone in waves over the past 100+ years.  The trends have gone through several wars and feminisim. The strict rules that are upheld today but must be within these guidelines as stated by, "Designs must be "distinctive, symbolic, gender neutral, intended to enhance unit pride, designed in good taste," and abide by copyright and trademark laws, according to an Air Force memorandum signed in 2015." Regardless of the clearly cut guidelines, it is still very exciting to see this culture come back to life!

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