Getting dressed is a simple task that we complete daily, so why not make the process more exciting by having a wide selection of t-shirts to choose from? At Tactical Distributors, we have the best tactical shirts on the market, and you can browse our complete Tee Bogo selection today. Our shirts are highly rated by customers due to their comfort and durability, but those aren’t their greatest qualities. These shirts have a variety of funny designs and patterns, so you can show off your personality while sporting a comfortable, classic tee. In this post, we’ll be sharing five of our favorite humorous t-shirts that we offer. You really can’t go wrong with any of our options, but these five are some of the best if you want to get a laugh out of your friends!
  1. TD Hot Flash Tee
    You’ll look hot in a flash when you toss this tee on! The Hot Flash Tee from TD is one of our more subtle humorous shirt options. It features a smaller-sized graphic of a shocked-looking woman surrounded by lightning bolts and the “Tac Dis” logo underneath. This t-shirt is available in black or white and in sizes ranging from Small to 3X-Large. The black option features a blue design, while the white option has a pink one instead.

  2. TD Day of the Dead Tee 
    Looking for something a little more out there? You’re sure to have a good time in our Day of the Dead Tee. This shirt features a unique screen print on a gray tee, with graphics on both the front left chest and the entire back of the shirt. The color play technique gives a hologram effect – talk about a trippy trick! Our customers compliment the sweet design of the hooded skeleton with a firearm and the nice-feeling material. Available in sizes Small through XX-Large, this thin, lightweight tee offers a classic fit that’s perfect for warmer days.

  3. TD Anti Hippie Hippie Tank
    One of our favorite designs is the Anti Hippie Hippie Club print, which we conveniently offer on a white tank or a black t-shirt. The club motto is Guns, Peace, and Love, so if that sounds like you, then join in on the fun by purchasing one of these shirts! You’ll love that the graphic is featured in full on the back, and also in a smaller form on the front left chest. Made with 100% combed, ring-spun cotton, these shirts offer all-day comfort. No more dealing with that rough cardboard feeling that some t-shirts have! These tees are available in sizes Small to XX-Large.

  4. TD R&R Tee 
    After a long day of searching for Charlie, sometimes you need to light a smoke & "read" the articles in your favorite magazine. There’s nothing like a bit of R&R, and this shirt is the perfect tee to throw on when it’s time to relax. The R&R Tee comes in black and is available in sizes Small through XX-Large. If you’re looking for a conversation starter that showcases your hilarious personality, this is the one!

  5. TD Tap Rack Bang Tee
    Tap, rack, bang – immediate action. Whatever you call it, you know the drill. No shirt is as attention-grabbing as our Tap Rack Bang Tee. This shirt is available in white or light blue and comes in sizes Small – XX-Large. Featuring a center chest and back collar graphic, this tactical shirt offers a classic fit with a soft feel and comfortable drape. Made with 100% combed, ring-spun cotton, it’s perfect for everyday wear. Plus, your buddies will definitely get a kick out of it!

Kid’s Tactical Shirts

Adults aren’t the only ones who can find awesome tactical shirts from Tactical Distributors. We have plenty of options for kids, too! Our Kids collection has all sorts of mini-sized tees that are perfect for kids. Size options range from youth X-Small to youth X-Large, so no matter how young or old your kids are, there’s a cool shirt from TD for them. Any of these t-shirts and tank tops are great for the young ones who want to look like their parents in their tactical gear.

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Jesse Lewis