Tactical Distributors has been making it’s own clothing for over 5 years now. The designers have been creating clothing for over 15 years. We started with the Shooter Shirt and never looked back. We don’t sit around and come up with products we think will sell. We look for gaps in the market and then try and fill those voids. Every garment or product we have developed starts with a need or request from some of our customers. From that need, we create a tech pack (30-40 page technical drawing package) that is sent to one of our partner factories. From there we decide on the appropriate fabric and trims to make the best product we can for our customers.

Below we will give you a brief description on how we came up with the TD McQuade Jean and the process behind the design.

Fun Fact: You will notice some of our favorite action heroes serve as inspiration for our line & the naming of our products.  The Great American Hero Chuck Norris as our #1 muse!  Clothing that is ready for kickin' ass & takin' names.

Lone Wolf McQuade

Why: There has been a need for a good “EDC or CCW jean” for some time now. Over the past 5-7 years the denim market in general has been on a downward trend. Twill type chino pants replaced this category of clothing.  Like everything else in fashion denim is coming back around as a staple in a person’s wardrobe.

We set out to make a pair of jeans that looked like a simple 5 pocket jean but had the function of a covert tactical pant. This project started with the fabric. We choose a 12oz lightweight fabric that had plenty of stretch. By adding elastin or “Spandex” in the cotton denim weave we were able to get maximum stretch and mitigate durability issues.  A lot of our customers work in environments that require them to be covert or unnoticeable. We would get constant request for a good pair of jeans that have stretch and pockets that they can use to help them fulfill their missions.  This was the cause for us to design the McQuade Jeans.

Feature set:

  • YKK Front zipper
  • 9-Pocket design
  • Rivets at stress points
  • Lightweight Stretch Denim
  • Colors: Dark Grey, Dark Indigo
  • 2 ¾ Belt Loops
  • Wide Back belt loop
Man kneeling in pants


Pocket Design: There are a few essential elements in the McQuade Jeans that separate them from you standard 5-pocket jean.

Pockets: We incorporated 9 pockets in this jean. Each has it’s own purpose and function. 

  • The hand pockets: These are standard pockets in most every pant. However we added an outside knife or EDC pocket on each side. This allows the user to have a folding blade or multitool without obstructing the hand pockets use. When you carry a folding knife in your traditional pants your hand gets hung up on the blade itself when you try and put something in your pocket or remove it. With these extra EDC pockets you now can move in and out of your pocket freely. We also, included a layer of reinforcement fabric on the outside of the pocket to prevent wearing of the fabric from a pocket knife or other tools.
Pants with belt attachment
  • Coin pockets: Every 5 Pocket jean has this small shallow pocket used for coins or in the old days a pocket watch. We made this pocket a little wider and deeper to accommodate a Pistol mag. You can fit a Glock 19 mag in this pocket with ease.
  • Back Pocket Configuration: For starters we have 2 standard back jean pockets. But in the back yolk seam there are 2 AR-15 sized mag pockets that are hidden by the double needle top stitch you find in most common jean designs. We felt like by placing these pockets here they are concealed and when you do have mags in the pockets only the top or bottom of the mags is visible. An un-tucked shirt can easily cover the visible part of the magazine.  Also, there is a hand cuff key pocket hidden in the tag label with in the waistband. 
Man squatting in pants

TD offers free returns on all of our Tactical Distributors Branded clothing. This allows the consumer to buy and try on the product at no risk. If you get the wrong size or do not like the color feel free to email our Customer Service reps and they will issue a return label with no questions asked. Let us know if you have any questions about the McQuade Jean or anything else. CS@TacticalDistributors.com 


Todd Askins


You need to consider adding knee pads or at least pockets for them. I rarely buy pants that don’t have them.

— Jules klapper