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It can be a rough and rugged world for a tactical professional. With the use of D3O Lab tactical gear, make the journey a little easier. An industry leader thanks to their forward thinking, D3O Lab is a company who offers very innovative and technology that makes use of a shock absorbing material such as insoles and kneepads. These products can be used for sports people who motorcycle or bike, serve as footwear protection for athletes, or for law enforcement and military personnel alike. The technology was first put to good use back in 2006 during the Winter Olympics, where both the Canadian and the American skiing teams used the D3O soft armor. Revolutionary at the time, the D3O technology has not lost any of its appeal today and would be just as revolutionary as it was 11 years ago if it were to be sold for the first time tomorrow. The limb protectors that D3O sells offers excellent protection for your joints and limbs, while also being breathable enough to prevent perspiring, light enough to not bog you down, and flexible enough to aid you when agility is required.

We are pleased to bring you an affordable selection of D3O Lab tactical gear for your needs. Whether you need these D3O Lab tactical options for your next mission, camping trip, or marathon, they all offer superior performance to give you the comfort and protection you deserve. One of the most popular items we offer for adding D3O Lab tactical to your plan are the insoles for shoes. We offer their three main types which are Comfort, Performance, and Support. Each type of insoles is designed to target a specific need in terms of orthopedic areas.

These insoles give your feet the relief they need to carry out the toughest missions or tasks. We also offer their innovative elbow and knee pads made with anti-scratch surfaces and expertly contoured interiors for added protection. Add one of these great products from D3O to your game plan!

We would be happy to assist you or answer any question you may have while shopping with us. At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to providing you with all your tactical needs, as well as an outstanding customer service experience.  

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