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With all of the outdoor apparel companies on the market, it can sometimes be hard to choose which one is right for you.  When you know it’s important that you go with clothing that is comfortable, will last you for many years, and uses advanced technology to accomplish these things, Drifire apparel is the best way to go. 

An innovative option designed to make rugged activities more comfortable, Drifire tactical apparel uses a newer moisture wicking tech that has been shown to allow the garments to dry multiple times faster than other clothing of the same type.  This same technology also offers solid odor protection in the form of antimicrobial properties so that your clothing will seem fresh even after many years of use.  Finally, Drifire clothing is also exceptionally safe to wear for an added peace of mind. In fact, Drifire wicking apparel does not melt when it comes into close vicinity with flames, so it won’t immediately result in any burn like injuries.

We are pleased to offer a complete collection of Drifire tactical apparel for your needs. With an inventory that spans both cold weather wear and warmer temperature needs, you are sure to find the best option for your next mission or great adventure. One of the most popular options we offer are the shirts. They are available in both short sleeve and long sleeve options perfect for year-round needs. Whether working out or running a mission, these shirts will keep you dry and comfortable so your mind stays focused on the task at hand. We also offer undergarment needs such as sports bras and long john style pants. For those colder climates where you need protection from dampness, we have Drifire apparel in the form of mock fleece options that give extra warmth while still keeping the same antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties. Whether looking for a full coverage balaclava for extreme missions or a workout shirt to keep you dry, we have you covered with these great options from Drifire!

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