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As a high-end company, First Spear is not the right tactical gear and equipment company for you if you settle for typical tactical gear companies that make equipment and apparel as the status quo. With an emphasis on going above and beyond with every product, First Spear is a company that, while young (being formed in 2010), has already established itself as being in the top tier of tactical gear companies. The company is run by a team of ex-U.S Military servicemen and professionals, who design the elite First Spear tactical gear with completely innovative materials using only the latest technology and materials. The company is also continuing to expand and build a new range of products. Many of First Spear’s load carriage systems have been put to good use due to their contracts with many LE and military teams, including teams within the Department of Defense. Not only that, but First Spear is so confident in its products, that if any of their gear is broken in use, they will fix it for you at absolutely zero cost.

We are pleased to offer a diverse range of Spear tactical products for your needs. With our selection of plate carrier gear, get safety and organization in one reliable solution. Designed to be lightweight to avoid adding discomfort, these carriers can be outfitted with a range of accompanying gear for the items you need most. To go along with your carrier or to supplement your existing collection, we also offer an array of magazine pouches in a variety of official colors from black to camo. Another popular area of Spear tactical is the headwear for various purposes. From ballistics helmets to keep you safe to forager caps to keep the sun out of your eyes, find the right solution for your needs. Whether looking for a first response magazine pocket or an assault pack bag, First Spear tactical gear has you covered. Find the exceptional quality and performance you deserve with this great brand.

If you have any questions while shopping with us, we would be happy to assist you further.

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