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FITS is a sock brand known to many as the makers of the best-fitting socks in the country. Their socks are designed to stay in place with their Heel Lock® technology and use Merino wool to provide the ultimate moisture control. The craftsmanship of these socks is undeniable and they're battle-tested, too. If you haven't tried FITS, you're missing out on socks that'll keep your feet cool and comfortable in trainers, tactical boots, and even casual shoes.

We carry a variety of FITS socks, including their tactical line-up. Their Tactical Boot Socks are nylon reinforced on the exterior for increased durability, with a Merino wool interior that's anti-microbial and flame resistant. Plus, it provides solid comfort all around, which is a must when you're in the midst of a training session or trekking out in the field. The Tactical Boot Socks come to mid-calf height and feature a Dynamic Toe Cup®, which helps to prevent bunching in the toe box of the sock. The Light Tactical Boot Socks are similar to the regular Tactical Boot Socks, however, built with a lightweight design. These tactical socks also come in a crew style, which rises just below the calf. These are available in Black or Coyote.

For a sock that will work overtime in cold weather, you need the Heavy Expedition Boot Socks. These FITS socks will make you forget your old hunting and field socks. These will stay put in your boots all day and will become your new go-to boot socks. It's packed with Merino wool, so your feet will stay warm, not hot. We have the Heavy Expedition socks in Black and Coyote.

One of the struggles of low socks is the annoyance of the heels slipping off your foot and bunching up in your shoe. That's why FITS created their Runner Low Socks, which feature their patented Full Contact Fit® that ensure the sock doesn't shift on your foot. The PT Low Socks have extra cushioning in the heel, toe, and arch. Fitting right above the boot line, these will help ward off those irritating blisters. The Light Runner Low Socks have a narrow welt design with toe and heel lock for high-impact. These can handle the pavement, the gym, trails, and any other terrain you're ready to take on.

If you have any questions about our inventory of FITS socks, please contact us and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

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