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ITS EDC Slimline Medical Pouch ITS Tactical First Aid Kit - 1
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ITS Stainless Steel Entry Card ITS Tactical Knives & Tools - 1
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ITS Entry Card

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When choosing a brand for your tactical needs, Imminent Threat Solutions, also called ITS, has gear designed with you in mind. Founded by military professionals with a diverse range of experience and knowledge, ITS tactical gear and accessories offer high standards of performance for an enduring addition to your next mission or outdoor adventure. With a belief that skill sets are born under challenging circumstances only when individuals are afforded the right tools to succeed, ITS has built their reputation on manufacturing military grade products for a range of situations.

We are honored to offer the high-quality solutions of ITS tactical gear and accessories. Every product in our collection of ITS tactical gear has been made to meet the highest standards you set for yourself without compromising on affordability for a long-lasting addition to your next mission or adventure.

Choose from an array of PVC morale patches featuring the recognizable skull logo of ITS, as well as other memorable patches, to add a touch of attitude to your uniform while representing your favorite brand. We also offer concealment wallets that are made to be waterproof, chemical resistant, and overall rugged enough to go where you go without worry. One of the things this brand is well-known for is the commitment to giving you supplies for when you need them most. With their ITS tactical medical kits, you are prepared to handle various types of injuries on the field. Choose from small “Boo Boo” kits packed with bandages, aspirin, and more for basic injuries, as well as more advanced trauma kits with a chest seal and pressure gauze for more severe injuries. In addition to the kits, we also offer a range of medical pouches to securely and safely carry all your medical supplies for easy access. These pouches feature the medic symbol with the ITS skull and are made to last with durable construction in various camouflage tones.

At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to being your source for all your tactical needs for both work and play. We are happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us.

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