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KeyBar Red Anodized Aluminum
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Sometimes, an idea comes around that seems too good to be new. We all know the nuisance of jangling keys. While this can be a nuisance for anyone, it can be an even bigger problem for tactical professionals where stealth is absolutely required for the task at hand. With this in mind, KeyBar was born to remedy this concern by helping to house keys in a quiet and secure manner that would change the industry for the better. Created to help you stay organized and eliminate noises, KeyBar is a patented USA made key organizer. It works like a multi-tool for your keys. A KeyBar will stop the noise, kill the clutter and consolidate your keys which makes it a practical tool for anyone whether you are in the tactical field or not. Just load your keys and organize them just as you want them. Add a pocket clip or a key fob link. KeyBars are available in aluminum, titanium, even carbon fiber and in a variety of designs and colors. These are great for keeping keys all together in your gear bag or pocket, so you can always find them without issue.

We are pleased to bring you several choices for adding the dependable performance of KeyBar to your attention. In your choice of metal or color, choose an option which will easily and securely house your keys while keeping them quiet. With most units housing four keys, you can house all of the essentials in one place and easily access them when the time comes. We even offer units with added features such as bottle openers and screwdrivers to add to the overall convenience of these tools. Find the perfect new addition to your gear kit today with these tools!

We are dedicated to customer service. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance. We are always happy to help in any way.

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