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When looking for a brand you can trust, reputation matters. As one of the most widely respected names in the industry, London Bridge Trading, also called LBX Tactical, is a force to be reckoned with in terms of quality and performance. LBX Tactical’s parent company may be LBT, but LBX stands for London Bridge X. In the world of mathematics, the variable X will always stand for an unknown quantity. All the same, with LBX, the X stands for the limitless possibilities that the company is capable of. LBX produces mil-spec military gear, but with completely modern designs to make it a great fit for tactical junkies, military servicemen and women, and law enforcement officials alike. The real standout of LBX gear is that there are a nearly limitless number of different combinations that you can use, so you can make your load out completely custom. There are few other tactical gear companies that can be as truly custom in this department as LBX, so you can stand out on tactical missions in a unique way.

We offer a range of London Bridge X tactical gear and apparel to choose from. Our inventory of LBX Tactical gear carries combat gear from holsters to backpacks to mag holders and even laptop protectors. These items are made with the needs of tactical professionals in mind and feature durable materials in various camo tones for an accessory to help you go unnoticed when you need it. Need plate carriers of exceptional value? With items such as the popular Armatus II adaptable plate carrier featuring state of the art design with removable and adjustable rib cage cumber band, reinforced drag handles, and fast clip front panel, you are sure to find the choice for you. All the London Bridge Tactical gear we offer features their hallmarks of exceptional manufacturing in every aspect from the multiple compartments to keep you organized on the go to the sturdy techniques used to create such long lasting products. We also offer shirts and pants from London Bridge Tactical designed to fit the needs of men and women in tactical professions.

If you have any questions, our team is ready to assist in any way!

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