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Over three decades ago, a man named Randy Merrell set out to create a single pair of cowboy boots. He had no idea where that single pair of boots would take him. After partnering up with a group of outdoor enthusiasts, he set out to create footwear which would not only meet their needs but exceed them where possible. Since then, Merrell Tactical footwear has become one of the leading names on the market thanks to his commitment to quality craftsmanship and superior comfort details. Known as a brand crafting products with the utmost of care and attention to every thoughtful detail, Merrell Tactical offers shoes your feet will thank you for on your next mission, hiking trip, or whatever adventure life has in store.

We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of footwear from this trusted name in the industry. Made with the best in durable material to meet the rugged needs of the great outdoors, these Merrell tactical boots have such features as waterproof technology, rubber sprayed stability arms, molded nylon arch shank, breathable mesh lining, and more. All of the features of these boots are designed to address specific needs in the field. In fact, comfort is at the core of every design in this collection from the rubber tipped toe to absorb impacts to the lace-up shanks for a secure fit which adds a protective layer and added support to ankles. They also feature soles which offer sturdy firmness, as well as gripping traction designs, to help you manage all sorts of dangerous terrain with confidence and control. Offered in desert tones perfect for field work or missions, as well as black, ideal for stealth missions or law enforcement officers, many of these lace-up boots offer a zippered side opening for an easier, faster slip on and off feature rarely found in tactical footwear. These boots are used by SOCOM and Navy Special Warfare all over the glove. No matter which option you choose, you are sure to find Merrell tactical footwear exceeds the highest of expectations. Add a pair to your next adventure today!

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