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While Mil-Spec Monkey continuously displays their interest in good quality tactical equipment such as shirts and caps, their primary skill is in the attention to detail in the design and art of their products. All of the work at Mil-Spec Monkey begins in the public domain, before it moves to the government training side. The owner of this reputable company is a contractor for the US Army in the Department of Defense, and thus the company serves US servicemen and women with their unique art and design, such as on their morale patches that can easily fit onto Molle systems. Even if their apparel and gear isn’t groundbreaking, the effort and unique attention to detail they put into their artwork and designs make their caps and patches well worth the cost and well worth wearing on any tactical mission.

We are pleased to bring you an extensive selection from this great brand. With their standard attention to detail and quality craftsmanship evident in every product, rest assured the Mil-Spec tactical collection will meet all of your high standards. Known for their patches, this collection features a range of these little guys covering the needs of a professional nature such as signifiers like police or medic, as well as patches that are a little more fun and in your face. When looking for patches of the more serious nature, we offer options such as their American flag in various camo tones to accommodate a scope of fatigue colors, LEO patches in several colors to work with a range of uniforms, and more. For those looking for a little bit more attitude in their patches, we certainly have plenty of those to offer. From zombie killer patches to pirate themes, find the right one for your personality with our large selection. In addition to their patches, we also offer other products from this reputable manufacturer of tactical products. Whether looking for a comfortable tee with a military inspired logo, a beanie to stay warm, or a smaller item such as a bracelet with rugged appeal, find the perfect addition to your tactical apparel and gear right here!

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