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When you need the best in high-tech lanterns, there is only one name to trust. As a leader in the design and implementation of high-quality accessories, MPOWERD strives to empower their customers with clean and useful energy products. Despite the fact that MPOWERD is a very young company, their innovative MPOWERD tactical accessories have already found a niche in the market and been put to good use. In fact, MPOWERD tactical lanterns, also known as LUCI Lanterns or LUCI Lights, only came to formation after the founders were inspired to help others by the disastrous and tragic Haiti earthquakes that hit in 2010 and left practically the entire population without any source of power. Now based out of New York, MPOWERD tactical products are still focused on developing brilliant and clean energy products, such as light and lanterns, specifically for outdoors applications or for people who live off the grid. The company has quickly established themselves as standing by their claim to high quality, since they have been given many awards by other outdoor organizations, and are today a certified B Corporation. Whether for a mission or a camping trip in extreme conditions, LUCI tactical and outdoor lanterns showcase the company’s commitment to making high-quality products that are readily available to all who are in need of them.

We are honored to offer a diverse selection of their best options to make your next outdoor adventure a little brighter. Choose from options perfect for first aid kits to aid in visibility during an emergency, ambient colors to add something extra to your next family party, or any of the other fine options we offer. These lanterns offer the best in performance and durability with such thoughtful features as collapsible design to save on space, rechargeable battery included, waterproof material to ensure they work in any weather condition, solar powered, and more. They come complete with a one year warranty to ensure satisfaction. Add these innovative lighting solutions to your arsenal today!

At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to being your source for a wide range of tactical and outdoor products. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our inventory!

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