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Any activity or endeavor that is conducted outdoors will need to be conducted using the right gear, and that gear will need to be well taken care of, especially in adverse conditions.  With the idea of protecting your gear from rough conditions, Nikwax has a number of different repellency and waterproofing products available for you to choose from, each of which is tested both in their laboratory and in a real-world environment.  They’ve done this by increasing their knowledge of fabric and developing the right solutions to ensure it holds up the best it can in wet and humid environments.

Designed to be an indispensable product to your lifestyle, Nikwax tactical products are incredibly easy to use, so that it can even be included as part of a washing machine cycle for clothing.  It’s also formulated to be completely safe to use, having no fluorocarbon or propellant gases, and it actually keeps you dry!  One of the best formulas on the market for this area of care and protection, Nikwax tactical products will have a larger concentration of waterproofing agents even than the majority of aerosol products, and they don’t need any heat in order to activate the water repellency capabilities.

We are pleased to bring you a complete lineup of these innovative options from Nikwax. With an understanding that one product doesn’t serve every need, they have created individual options designed specifically to treat individual fabrics. When the formula is addressing a particular fabric, it makes it easier to remove the odors and stains for a deep clean while restoring the water repellent factor. We have options for the base layer, cotton, down, and more. Whether looking to care for and waterproof your sleeping bags, favorite hunting apparel, or a pair of tactical pants, these formulas will get the job done. We also offer their tent formulas which can be used on a variety of gear. Add this great line up to your care plan today.

At Tactical Distributors, we are your destination for all things tactical. If you have any questions about any of the products we offer, please contact us for further assistance.

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