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Tired of opening up a can of freeze-dried food, only to be assaulted by the least appetizing smell you could imagine? Have you ever settled down around the fire after a long day on the trail, enticed by a package that promised succulent roast beef and delicious gravy, only to feel like you're chewing on shoe leather? If any of this sounds familiar or if any other trail food has traumatized you, Tactical is here to help.

In partnership with Peak Refuel, we're pleased to offer you freeze-dried trail meals that will have you looking forward to dinner whenever and wherever your travels take you. Peak trail food is made right here in the USA and freeze-dried and packed in a USDA inspected, level 2 SQF-certified facility within Utah. Every ingredient in Peak meals is sourced from non-GMO ingredients, using 100% real meat. Peak Refuel will never use TVP or any other questionable fillers in their meat, and all meat found in Peak meals is USDA inspected.

Peak Refuel ensures that every ingredient is premium by submitting potential ingredients and business partners through extensive screening for quality assurance. Peak meals' reputation for high-quality, nutritional trail meals is well deserved, with double the amount of protein per serving than most competitors' meal products on the market today.

Each meal is fully cooked before undergoing the freeze-drying process and then microbe-tested before packaging so that each meal meets and exceeds their high standards of health and safety. Peak meals are specifically designed to use less water for cooking or rehydrating to help you conserve water, are exceptionally lightweight, and are quick to cook or rehydrate.

Peak trail food is the perfect solution not just for hikers but for anyone that needs quick, high protein, lightweight, delicious food on the go or just looking to restock your bug-out bag with the best of the best. At Tactical Distributors, we are continuously on the lookout for products and brands that always go above and beyond so that we can provide you the best in line at the most budget-friendly prices. Have any questions about these meals? Please feel free to reach out and contact our excellent customer service representatives today. We'd love to help!

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