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When choosing the right brands for your needs, you want an option with a long history of excellence. Known for their continued commitment to innovation, Princeton Tec has been the pioneer of multiple new technologies and lights since the mid-1970s.  The company has consistently pushed themselves to be the best, and in their search to consult with and get feedback from the top athletes in the world, they’ve traveled via bike, foot, by ocean, and by air on all of the continents.  Their bold spirit is what pushes them to make the best lighting solutions for their customers, and each new product lineup continues to evolve beyond the previous options.  Headlamps and lighting systems are important for an outdoor endeavor, and Princeton Tec tactical lights are made with a commitment to excellence that makes this a top-quality brand respected within the industry.  It’s been quite a ride for Princeton Tec, but their dedication to creating innovative products of high standards is the key to their successful journey.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of Princeton Tec tactical lights. Many of these lights are designed to be hands-free which is essential in a tactical situation. Choose from options that can be attached to a rifle or helmet, as well as options with either a front mount or side mount, depending on your needs. These items are regulated to meet the standards of military and LEO professionals, and are offered in standard camo fatigue colors, as well as black for stealth missions. Equipped with the latest in LED technology, these lights offer exceptionally long burn times, up to 40 hours in select models, to ensure you have light for as long as you need it. They are made with such thoughtful features as easy to access on/off switches, cold-weather capabilities, durable construction with dustproof lens, reliable brackets, and a large scope of vision and illumination spread, as well as other elements of design that makes these a must-have for any tactical scenario where visibility is compromised. We also offer options that are waterproof up to 100m for dive missions. Best of all, these high-performing solutions are lightweight so they will never weigh you down. Add one of these great options to your next mission!

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