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If you're an avid gun enthusiast, you know that rails can cause a lot of issues in the comfort department. Rails can be quite sharp and really chew up your hands after a while. Plus, they're tough to grip as they get hot, especially if sweat starts to bead up on your hands. RailScales are the gun comfort product you've been looking for, working as high-quality rail coverings. Offered in several different colors, materials, and textures, our selection of tactical RailScales provide both enhanced grip control and a customized appearance to your gun.

The RailScales G10 is one of our best-selling rail covers. These highly customizable covers are premium machined at an affordable price point—what's not to love? These feature a uniquely designed 3 slotted attachment that will help keep the heat off your hands as you're firing. They come in a variety of awesome textures, too—Honeycomb, Dragon, Dunes, Mini Dot, and Matrix. While these patterns will make your gun look cool, they'll also give you the added grip and control you need. The RailScales G10 rail cover is available in black, easily matching your gun's metal.

We also offer the RailScales HTP Scales, which are made to be slightly thicker than the G10 option. The thickness comes down to 0.010", however, that little bit makes all the difference. They're made from HTP, or High Temp Polymer, which can withstand very high temperatures. The tactical Railscales come in pack of three, making them highly economical and long-lasting. You can choose from the Dragon or Honeycomb texture, as well as black or flat dark earth (a bronze color).

Tactical RailScales are great additions to any firearm, with each option designed to help you get the most out of your gun. If you have any questions about our RailScales collection, please contact us and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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