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You deserve the best in quality footwear for all your adventures. With Salewa shoes, you get durable construction combined with innovative design for footwear to keep you comfortable on the go. Salewa has undergone quite the journey in recent years to become one of the preeminent producers of sports and hiking shoes today. Starting in 2007, they began establishing branches in North America, Europe, and Asia and subsequently began the marketing process for their high-quality boots. The brand took off due to their rapidly expanding reputation, leading to the company also establishing climbing gyms for world class athletes and large warehouses as well. But it wasn’t until 2014 that Salewa officially became a globally recognized brand and one of the largest leaders in alpine outdoor products with stores in over thirty different countries. The company began using a new logo, so if you’ve noticed a difference between the ‘new’ Salewa and the ‘old’ Salewa that would be it. For sports and alpine hiking shoes, Salewa shoes and boots should be a prime choice. We offer several options for Salewa shoes and boots to keep your feet comfortable, dry, and supported on your next mission or adventure. Choose from some of the top selling designs in various colors to find the perfect fit for you. Made with durable performance in mind, Salewa shoes feature such thoughtful elements as complete air flow to keep feet from sweating, waterproof materials to keep feet dry, and durable mesh construction, along with climbing lacing for a strong fit and firm ankle and heel pads for added support. Choose from options designed with rigorous activities in mind such as mountain trainers for hiking or camping. We also offer options featuring anti-bacterial soles for added protection against smelly shoes after a long day outdoors. When you choose Salewa, you are choosing incomparable quality and long-lasting endurance with every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Salewa boots good?

Salewa boots are rated as one of the top brands of boots for hiking, marking them not only as good but possibly one of the best. Comfortable at the ankle, climbing lacing, exceptional quality and extremely durable.

Where are Salewa boots made?

Salewa boots and footwear are made in Italy.

What are approach shoes used for?

Approach shoes are hybrids, specifically a cross between hiking and climbing shoes. They are made for the approach—or the hike or scramble up the start of rock-climbing areas. They are made to navigate both walking on forest floors and gaining purchase on slippery rock faces so that they are useable in any approach.