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There is no denying the fact that the military way of life is a different beast than civilian life. Many in the services know the importance of having the right fuel to get you through the tough days and even the not so tough days. When Strike Force Energy set out to create their product, they knew the military runs on coffee and water. While the coffee was out of their hands, the ability to create a better tasting water with a little bit of a punch was definitely something Strike Force Energy could do. Made to offer a boost of energy by way of natural ingredients, these flavored powders transform bland water into something more enjoyable, and in your line of work, any enjoyment is always a good thing.

We are pleased to bring a complete lineup of flavors from the Strike Force Energy tactical collection. These small packets offer 80mg of caffeine coupled with natural vitamins to give you the boost you need. Made to provide a quick boost of energy-boosting vitamins such as niacin, and vitamins B6 and B12, these flavor packs offer a great way to stay pumped up throughout the day and all you need is water. These powders are formulated in a way that makes them as easy to use as possible, so you never need to mix, stir, or shake. Another benefit of these formulas is that they are made so they will evenly mix with the water, so you don’t end up with a bunch of crystals or leftovers at the bottom of the water bottle like other powders on the market. With Strike Force Energy tactical packets, you get a boost that is calorie and sugar-free to avoid adding extra nutrients you don’t need. Choose from several flavors to get the one you prefer such as grape, orange, lemon, and more. Best of all, these packets come in a 10-box set so you will have enough to stock up on for your mission. Add this flavorful solution to your gear kit today and stay ready for whatever the job brings your way.

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