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Have you got a bag of ruined towels or rags with CLP on them sitting somewhere in your house? What about dish towels or even clothes? How many can relate to having to use a folding table in their home or even the floor of a garage to clean your firearm? If you can relate to any of this, it's time for an upgrade.

The inventor of the TekMat gun accessories, Dan, came up with a brilliant solution while he too was cleaning his AR-15 on his dining room table using one of his wife's dishtowels as a gun cleaning mat. Fed up with his habit of staining so many of her towels, she brought him an 'official' gun-cleaning mat. Little more than a piece of felt at the time, yet that piece of felt sparked an idea for a much-needed missing component to any firearm cleaning kit: a gun cleaning mat.

TekMat is now one of the industry's premium quality, soft thermoplastic fiber surface mats that can protect your firearm yet resist grease and oil stains at the same time. TekMat's rubber substrate provides much-needed padding to keep any surface you decide to clean your gun on safe, or your gun safe from that surface—plus, if you're still new to owning a firearm, TekMat can help you take it apart and put it back together again without running for the manual for a wide range of firearm models.

TekMat gun accessories also provide a variety of different products that revolve around everything you need to keep your gun in mint condition, but its flagship and the most beloved item will always be their high-tech innovation in gun cleaning mats. Fully disassemble your handgun with room to spare for all the tools and accessories needed while enjoying the highest level of quality of padding and protection with a TekMat. Worries over rough handling or worries of a drop while working on your gun will no doubt be a thing of the past.

Save your furniture, clothing, and towels with the right tools like Tekmat products.

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