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What is Valor? The dictionary tells us its immense courage in the face of danger, including and especially in battle.

To battle is to fight, and to fight is to live and live free. The Second Amendment sanctuary is a battle against the prohibition over those very freedoms so many have fought and still fight to ensure remain today. Tactical Valor tees capture the spirit of that fight, that freedom. It's a means to give voice and support the right to protect your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as well as protecting your right to be safe from harm.

In a letter to James Madison on January 30th, 1787, Jefferson argued that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing. Many of us are rebelling against the taking away of our rights.

Support your rights and say it loud and proud with Valor Tactical Brand Tees. Made from high-grade, 100% ringspun cotton for comfort, breathability, and style. Jersey knits come pre-shrunk to remain true to fit and true to size. Our seamless double-needle ¾" collars are made with ultimate durability while looking as well as feeling great and the same meticulous double-needle technique has been used in both sleeves and hems.

State of the art printing technology makes color crisp, text sharp and art stand out. Our sizes range from small all the way up to 3x large and showcase many of our beautiful country's most historical quotes, moments, and military battles since the colonies were first formed. Quotes and moments that still ring true to this day.

When it comes to all things tactical, whether civilian, security, military, LEO, or extreme activities, Tactical Distributors has been the top source for all for nearly a decade and a half.

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