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When you need dependable performance from a trusted brand, Viking Tactics has a large variety of tactical gear and equipment, all of which has been thoroughly tested and proven out in the field. Viking Tactical Equipment, which is usually referred to as simply VTAC, includes everything from light mounts to slings to scope mounts and adapters, and considering the high quality and durability of the products, makes them a top choice for the soldier, an LE officer, a tactical trainer, or even for the ordinary shooter. What’s more, is that all of Viking Tactics equipment is made right here in the USA for a product that aligns with your values. With a focus on real-world applications to meet the standards of professionals, all of the products at Viking Tactics are developed by VTAC instructors, each of whom has a background either in law enforcement or the military. With open customer service and good values, this brand is absolutely worth a first look if you are in need of weapons accessories.

We are honored to bring you a carefully chosen selection of product offerings from this trusted source. Every product has been manufactured for endurance and lasting performance to the highest standards. With a commitment to overall access, these Viking Tactics solutions are ready to assist you in another day on the job. One of the most important pieces for any professional is their firearm. With the use of pistol sights designed to fit any Glock, improve the target accuracy of every shot when it matters most. Of course, a weapon is only as useful as it is easy to access. With a variety of high quality, durable slings available, be ready at all times. Made to be fully adjustable to allow you to find the best solution for your needs, these slings are designed with ease of access and versatility of movement in equal measure. Regardless of what type of product you choose, this respected brand has a tendency to not only meet but truly exceed your expectations.

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