Battle Briefs Designs Feature

Battle Briefs Designs Feature

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Battle Briefs aren’t just another brief brand. On the contrary, these were made for people like you. With their four-way stretch breathable material that wicks away sweat, they’re comfortable and fit perfectly. They’ve got a flip top fly, which is super convenient, as well as a no ride design. We could have made these basic in simple black and grey, but guess what? Battle Briefs have patterns we know you’ve never seen before! No matter what your style is, we’ve got a pair that’s right up your alley.

Several of the Battle Briefs patterns feature patriotic prints that’ll love. The Old Glory pattern features a worn, distressed American flag for those that like the look of weathered things. In a collaboration with RE Factor, we created the Delaware Battle Briefs. These showcase the famed Revolutionary War portrait of George Washington crossing the Delaware, but with a twist. Washington and his buddies have military gear on! Plus, there are Blackhawks watching them cross the river. Spice up your patriotism with the Rogue RWB briefs, with a pattern of guns and grenades in red and white to make your day.

We also have several briefs for all you gun enthusiasts out there. The Banana Clips option features bullet casings, clips, and bananas all over the teal briefs. They’re also available in grey. For a little Latin flavor, the Sugar Skull briefs feature a badass looking skull with rattlesnakes, guns, lightning bolts, and more designed onto it. Lasers more your thing? The Lazer Beams Battle Briefs embrace Dr. Evil’s sharks with laser beams on their heads. They’re light blue and extremely cool, especially if you dig Austin Powers. In a Star Wars inspired design, the Shoot First pattern has a tactical belt print with a gun holster design on the right thigh. They’re perfect for your inner (or outer) nerd.

There is an assortment of other great Battle Brief designs in our inventory that are must-haves. In an 80s stylized pair, Chuck Norris’ shadow is featured with ‘Chuck Yeah!’ on the left leg. Another pair has a tiger camouflage design for a different take on the traditional pattern. If you’d like to keep a few Battle Briefs on the plainer side, we offer a 3 pack of solid black, grey, and desert tan briefs. They’ll help you stock up on your new favorite underwear!


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