TD Fam Fav's - Who know's better than us?

TD Fam Fav's - Who know's better than us?

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Check out the entire category of staff picks and make sure read through to find the funny!  Also, just click the product title for a direct link to the particular item.

Frankie, Design

Darn Tough: Micro Crew Cushion #14066

I use these socks for EVERYTHING! (Working out, Tennis, running or just going out)

(They Never wear out. The cushion is perfect. I literally have a pair for every day of the week.) *Made in the USA!*

Hydro Flask: 40oz Widemouth Bottle w/ Straw Lid

I’ve had this for over 3 years and it still works perfect! I use it everyday. Fill it up and water stays cold all day. Even Outside.

Luci (Solar Lantern): Outdoor 2.0

I can’t count the number of times this little thing has come in handy! (Power Outage, Hanging in the backyard at night, Camping, in the car for emergencies, etc…) A must have!

Robbie, Sales

Salomon Speedcross 3 Forces

The Speedcross looks like an overly aggressive dune buggy shoe, but once you try them on and wear them you won't want to go to any other shoe. So Damn Comfortable.

prAna Bridger Jean

Used to be a Levis guy, but I gave these a shot and they are MONEY. The stretch is on point and they are now my go to jean. Getting a good 2-3 days a week out of them. Not Skinny jeans, just a solid fit!

Noah, Purchasing

Strike Force 10 Count Box – Orange

I love caffeine. I’ll usually have coffee in the mornings and Strike Force in the afternoon. The orange flavor is great!

Multitasker Series 3X

Everything about this tool just screams quality. An essential for anybody who spends time around the AR-15, I don’t head to the range without mine.

Benchmade Mini Griptilian

Todd, Marketing

Benchmade Mini Griptilian

I love this folding knife for my EDC. This is small so it fits in my pocket without adding bulk. The quality is amazing I have had mine for over 5 years and it still holds and edge and folds the same as it did the first day I got it.

Ares Gear Aegis Belt

I have used my Aegis belt for a long time to hold my appendix carry gun. The reason I like this belt for CCW is because it is rigid and never warps or sags. The buckle is tough and robust and the scuba webbing has not shown wear over the time I have used it.

Ares Gear Aegis Belt


I invest in good gear. There is a saying, "There is no such thing as bad weather, Just bad gear" That being said, I "invest" in quality gear. Just like a house or a car you should maintain your investment. So, a few times a year I rehab my Gore Tex with Nikwax TX direct to regain the water shed in my jackets or pants. When you wash or use your waterproof jacket the exterior DWR treatments wears off over time. So it's import to get it back if you want the water to shed off of your jacket or rainwear like it did when you first purchased it. Your bodies oil, dirt and rubbing from packs will slowly over time remove this DWR off of the face fabric. So, in short make sure to wash and rehab your Gore-Tex regularly to battle the elements.


Brent, Marketing

The Neptunes 2.1

First time I wore these pants I was hooked. These are the perfect light all-terrain pants for me. I spent a day and the water and never felt so confident from a pants performance when drenched.

The Neptunes 2.1

Salomon XA Pros

I have a pretty wide foot and had some obvious concerns about Salomons but contrary to what I've always been told these shoes fit right. I've worn these shoes for anything that involves all day outdoors, even slept in them a couple times they're that comfortable.

TD Logo Hoodie

IT’S SO F*CKIN SOFT. Seriously I wear that thing everywhere, even had a lady try to steal it, had to go out of my way to get it back.


Dana, Admin

Avex FreeFlow 24oz

I use my stainless-steel Avex water bottle just about every day.  It’s super durable (I tend to drop things and it’s still dent-free) and great for keeping my water cold.  I love how the lid locks so I don’t have to worry about it leaking.

Avex FreeFlow 24oz


Jenn, Sales

Strike Force

Veteran owned, American made … need I say more?  Strike Force gives me the extra pep in my step to push through the mid-day slump or right before my run.  Def my go-to, must have product! (SKU No.  SFE-10-OR)

TD Tee’s

Gotta rep my crew!  All of the TD Apparel tee shirts have that vintage-soft type of feel that I love, so I can’t narrow it down to one specific shirt.  Grab one of each!

Things I like dirty:  Clint Eastwood or a truck covered in mud from off-roading.  Being funky … not so much.  After a long day of marinating in the sun, there’s not always a shower or sink handy.  That is why this portable shower is such a life-saver and a must have for those who love being outside!  (SKU No.  814041015110)

portable shower

Steve, Fulfillment

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Ear Pro

I really enjoy the “Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Ear Pro” if I’m trying to watch football then I can tune out the wife while still hearing the broadcast.

I also enjoy the “Gerber GDC Money Clip” just in case I want to flash a little cash at the bar, but also feel safe from assassins whilst in the men’s room.

Gerber GDC Money Clip

5ive Star Gear Spy Bolt

Last but not least, I really like the “5ive Star Gear Spy Bolt” just in case I need to hide my secret stash…of gummy bears.


Terrence, Fulfillment

I like just about all Darn Tough socks, but the low cut pair is best for me because I wear sneakers a lot. My feet stay dry for an entire work day.

Under Armour Base 2.0 Legging

Perfect for layering during the cold season, especially if you're on the go. I've warn them while outside in cold weather and leave them on as I come indoors. Very comfortable.

Under Armour Base 2.0 Legging

Vinny, Fulfillment

Salomon Speedcross 3 Forces

These shoes have never let me down, whenever I need to make a quick silent get away from robbies mom in the middle of the night these are the shoes I depend on.

Camelbak Eddy HOD

Man I get thirsty when i'm hanging out with Terry’s mom she really gets me sweating so when I’m at that moment where I need some cool liquid refreshments I grab my  eddy and I get back to that beddy!

Camelbak Eddy HOD


John, Sales

Neptune Pants 2.1

These pants are simply amazing. I can wear them to work, the range, and even to the gym. I have made them my go to workout pant because of the awesome stretch material, cool lightweight feel, and its lack of chafing in the crotch.

Altama OTB Maritime Assault Low

This is one bad ass shoe. I chose these bad boys because of the awesome design and look. Not only do they give off an amazing Chuck Taylor vibe, but they are very practical as well. I can take them on the water when fishing, on the beach for some cardio, or anywhere and everywhere else with giving off a tactical appearance.

Altama OTB Maritime Assault Low

I love these for their stylish look and functionality. Not only can I wear these when sitting outside at my favorite bar, but i can also shoot with style at the range. The ChromaPop lenses give you more clarity than what your eye can with out them when it's way too bright outside, and they will give you protection with their ANSI Z87.1 ratings.


Jesse, Marketing

Dumpbox Morale Patches

- I love the humor, colors & pop culture references of Dump Box’s designs.  It is one of the only spaces in the tactical world that have personality due to the nature of the business & the need to be covert.  It allows service members to show their individual humor or interest.  Many have ended up on my jean vest & are always a topic of conversation.

Dumpbox Morale Patches

Luci Aura Solar

I have given countless Luci Aura's as gifts. I gave my mom two as stocking stuffers and she put them in her white cubed shelves in her living room, the color fills the whole square.  I have sent one to my friend in/from Japan with specific instructions on how to get to the multi-color setting.  They are compressed and deflated in the packaging and very light weight, they were made for shipping, traveling & being mobile.  They are inflatable, solar powered and have several color settings.  My fav setting is the transitional glow through all the diff colors.  My own collection decorates my patio.


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