The New Battle Briefs by Tactical Distributors! Men's boxer briefs that are different and here is why......

The New Battle Briefs by Tactical Distributors! Men's boxer briefs that are different and here is why......

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TD Set out to make the best underwear possible that will not beak the bank. Now high dollar men's underwear is the trend. It used to be acceptable to go out and buy a 6 pack of white cotton undies for half the price you can get one pair of the fancy stuff. While cotton undies don't hold up to the rigors of "Operating" we wanted to build something that had durability, function and value. So we built the Battle Briefs. Let's start with the features and design. 

The fabric is made of mostly Nylon and a little bit of spandex. Nylon is Hydrophobic and resists moisture the weave of the nylon fabric in the Battle Briefs push the moisture off of the body or skin. The spandex is for ease of movement and to keep the briefs in place. Our intention is to make the best underwear that doesn't give you a wedgie with you are stomping bad guys in the face. Design: we made these with a 6" inseam, not too short, not too long.. Just right. For your "machine gun" we included the drop top opening. This may seem strange to some but believe us, it's much more natural than trying to bend you bend your gun in some unnatural side angle. The waistband is made to hold the briefs where you put them and it handles this job just fine.

Graphic: All the graphics you see and will see in the future speak to us! Now you have better choices than rainbows and stripes from those other pansy companies. We like America, guns and bacon!! So that's what you will see. 

Subscriptions: When we launched the brand a few weeks ago it took off!! We sold hundreds in the first day or so and had a ton of people asking for a subscription service to give as a gift or to have a fresh pair of boxer briefs every month. So we reacted and came up with just that! You will get a new brief design each month and about once a quarter we will have several new designs . The best thing is..... You get a new pair of briefs at a reduced cost and it includes shipping. Depending on the monthly package you choose you could get a new pair for only $12.00.

What to look for: New designs, Collaborations with some of your favorite tactical/gun brands and new styles for each season.  

We hope you enjoy Battle Briefs as much as we do! Email us or call us if you have any questions. 1-866-916-6905

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