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MTHD [pronounced either by the initials or as the word "Method"] stands for "Mountain | Tundra | H20 | Desert".  We like to think of it as a cross-category, tactical-inspired outdoor brand.  Our slogan is "technically advanced layering systems for global climate zones".  We start with [L1] base layers and work our way up to [L5] weather-proof shells.  

Discover why MTHD is the most innovative gear solution HERE.

Why it's original:  MTHD = MOUNTAIN, TUNDRA, H2O & DESERT.  These are the biomes we all inhabit. We developed a technical layering system that allows the end-user to roam, carry out missions and thrive when adverse conditions persist.  Made from premium materials and trims, our design team constructed the most efficient garments for you to perform and thrive in all of these environments.  We as a team are outdoorsmen with an active interest in public lands, clean water, and to leave this world a bit better than we found it.  MTHD uses reputable partner brands like eVent® fabrics, Polartec®, Cordura®, Global Merino and other Bluesign® approved fabric and trim suppliers to build the product. They are not only the most technically innovative brands available but are also pushing the envelope in sustainability. 

Brand-name suppliers:  Companies like Polartec®, eVent® fabrics, and Cordura® offer a wide variety of performance materials and are considered fabric technology leaders across the Outdoor and Military/ Tactical industries.  As cross-category fabric partners, it makes absolute sense to include them in the MTHD portfolio of products.  

Retail pitch: For its premiere launch, is exclusively selling limited quantities of the collection through a D2C model.  D2C stands for Direct-to-Consumer.  This allows us to offer a better product at a lower cost because we go from the factory to you.  We bypass a whole layer of pricing that you see in the traditional retail market. You may notice an MTHD garment using the same premium fabrics as the leading competitor costs less than the brand that does not follow the D2C model. 

Distribution: Tactical Distributors is an e-commerce, D2C retailer with private label brands of its own.  By creating this new brand MTHD, we are able to expand into a performance-driven, higher-end category to help meet the wants and needs of our current customer base while attracting new ones. 

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