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When it comes to your tactical gear, you need items that were designed with your particular set of needs in mind. With a focus on function and performance to rival any brand, S&S Precision is all about providing solutions to real world problems that exist in users’ tactical equipment and gear. A lot of the times, you will be in a tactical situation and will wish for a specific tool that would be perfect for the task at hand, but it can be hard to come by this tool in the tactical marketplace. As an innovator that puts customer needs first, S&S Precision not only wants to provide the tools and equipment that it believes its users need, they also want to make sure that those tools they do provide go beyond the accepted status quo. After all, what purpose would we have if we simply settled for the status quo of things? As the saying at S&S Precision goes, they will innovate if you will fight. That means that even if S&S can’t be out there on the front lines with you, they certainly can do everything in their power to enhance your abilities as much as possible with their innovative S&S Precision tactical gear.

We are honored to offer a diverse collection of S&S Precision tactical gear for your next mission. From stackable magazine holders to retention track belt adapters, find everything you need. Looking for a pair of specialized denim pants that allow you to safely and discretely carry your firearm with a molded holster? Need a shiv that fits in your pocket that has a hardened 440C stainless steel blade? These products cover a range of tactical needs you might run across in the day to day life in the field. From t-shirts to pull tabs, add some reliable and functional gear to your collection.

At Tactical Distributors, we are committed to providing you with the best in tactical products. Whether you need something for your workday or your day to day life, we have you covered. If you have questions, we would be happy to assist you further.

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