It is no secret that Patagonia is a well-known, renowned clothing and outdoor gear brand. Their corporate mission states: "We're in business to save our home planet," and they have undertaken several programs and actions to ensure the sustainability of their inventory. They've also ensured to underline the importance of their commitment by producing high-quality garments that last for years, impacting environmental sustainability.

But did you know that many other companies can boast the same, with a similar range of products? There are in fact, two near-legendary companies on the market today that are making innovative designs and changes comparable to Patagonia.


Arc'teryx is a Canadian brand that ensures sustainability is one of the crucial pillars on which the company is founded, like Patagonia. Founded in the early 1990s, the company takes its name from the Archaeopteryx, a prehistoric animal also known as the "original bird." If you're curious as to what an outdoor sports and gear brand has in common with evolution, the answer is that it's in the adaptation to the environment.

Arc'teryx is undoubtedly a company that is at the pinnacle of consistently pushing themselves to greater and greater innovative garments and groundbreaking pieces of outdoor gear. For example, some of the brand's earliest products, the Vapor harness, and Bora backpack, utilized thermal lamination technology that soon skyrocketed to become legendary for its longevity, durability, and being near indestructible.

When Arc'teryx obtained its Gore-Tex license was when the company finalized the process of becoming one of the planet's best for outdoor clothing. And to this very day, Arc'teryx has never let that reputation slip.

Just like Patagonia, Arc'teryx will only use premium-quality fabrics and materials. As you would expect, by refusing to use anything less than the industry's best, Arc'teryx creations and designs aren't only durable but they are some of the most long-lasting products you can find today, making them well worth any investment as they virtually pay themselves off with the years of use you can enjoy as an Arc'teryx customer.


SITKA's story was born out of necessity and frustration. Extreme hunters realized many non-hunting outdoor adventurers had plenty of choices for exceptional, tough-weather, comfortable gear, while hunters were mostly stuck with subpar gear that couldn't keep the effects of taxing conditions in their environment at bay. Many hunters were still purchasing and wearing gear that had not evolved since the days of their grandparents wearing it!

SITKA decided this needed to change. Taking inspiration from technologically advanced strides in fabric and materials that other companies like Patagonia and Arc'teryx were using for backpacking, rock climbing, and so on, SITKA bridged the gap and best of both worlds while remaining unique and true to their vision.

That means today, whether you're a hunter or an outdoor extreme sports person or just another adventurer that likes to push the limits, SITKA has quickly climbed to takes its place as one of the most respected outdoor gear brands on the market. Quickly being compared to and in some cases shockingly outperforming other beloved brand names too, SITKA employs cutting-edge technology not just in their digital Optifade camouflage patterns, but in ensuring they too only use the most premium fabrics and materials into each piece.

SITKA's designed to result in ultra-comfortable, super lightweight gear which excels in body temperature regulation, something extremely important when faced with all sorts of outdoor weather conditions. And, SITKA is highly invested in the world's ecosystem, understanding that living in consistent connection with the natural world is good and healthy. SITKA Ecosystem Grants fund projects around the country to improve the state as well as the function of our ecosystems, helping preserve, improve, and healing our local natural environments.

As you can see, both Arc'teryx and SITKA showcase some of the same excellent qualities any top-tier outdoor gear company should always have, not just Patagonia. There are many more fantastic reasons to check out both, but we hope you've been convinced to give these alternatives a chance, as they're some of our most all-time favorites for quality, ruggedness, and excellence, and can be found right here at TD.