Ways to Insulate your Home in Winter

This has been a bitterly cold winter, as evidenced by the Polar Vortex storm that hit most of the Midwest earlier this year. While the Groundhog may not have seen his shadow, that doesn't mean that the temperatures are going to warm up super quickly, which is why we've pulled together ways to insulate your home in winter. These tips will help you keep the heating bill down, and help you to feel warmer.

  • Make a draft stopper. You can make one with a variety of tools whether it's a blanket stuffed under the door or you can use a piece of foam tubing wrapped in fabric.
  • Use rugs. Did you know your home loses heat through the floor? That's not really something we often think about, but using rugs will help to trap the heat in the floor, which will help to trap it in your house.
  • Open the blinds during the day. You want to use every bit of sunshine that you can, which means letting that light in. Just make sure to close the blinds and curtains once the sun disappears, otherwise, you'll lose all of that heat you had once had.
  • Bubblewrap. If you're still struggling with losing heat, put some bubblewrap over your windows. It may seem silly, but it's a great cost-effective option. Plastic wrap also works.
  • Leave your oven open after your cooking is finished. Make sure it's turned off before doing so, but you may as well take advantage of the excess heat rather than keeping it locked in. Make sure your pets, if any, stay away and don't climb in the oven, this could be dangerous for them.
  • Caulk any cracks that may be hiding near your windows. If you aren't sure, hold a candle up to the seams. If it bends, the outdoor air is getting through, and you have a tiny hole.
  • Use an insulated curtain liner. This will easily attach to your curtains, and allow you to keep a bit more warmth in your home.
  • Run your fan clockwise. Not all fans have this, but if yours does, there will be a little switch that will allow your fan to run in reverse, essentially, which will push the warm air down and the cold air up.
  • Move furniture away from the windows. You'll feel colder if you're sitting or sleeping right next to a window, so if you have the space, do your best to move things around.
  • Reseal your doors if necessary. Your doors could also not seal quite right, and be letting precious heat escape into the bitter cold.

Of course, if you are still having issues with keeping your house warm, it may be time to call in the experts. However, these ways to insulate your home in winter are great for those winters when you are just trying to save some money and run the heat less.