Sometimes you just know that certain things are coming, and if you are one of those guys who is ready for the zombie apocalypse, we have a list of essential zombie apocalypse gear for you to be prepared for the undead. This will be a situation unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before, and while watching the Walking Dead may give some ideas, it’s probably best that you form your own plan in case of a zombie takeover. Whether you are planning on your own or have a group, you can benefit from knowing essential zombie apocalypse gear to have on hand.

A solid tactical knife. You don’t know what you’re going to have to face in an upcoming zombie apocalypse, but you can always use a knife for rigging up weapons, shelter, or even as a weapon.

Emergency water filter or water filtration packets for fresh water. You may not have access to fresh water in the event of a zombie outbreak, so it’s important that you can keep yourself hydrated and on the move.

First aid kit. The last thing you want is an injury to slow you down or cause an infection, so take care of minor scrapes and injuries with a handy first aid kit.

A tactical watch. This will help you to not only know the time, but also know which direction you are going with a compass, survive rain and water, and be built to survive.

A good pair of Gore-Tex boots. You don’t know what type of terrain you’ll have to deal with, but you may be hiking through miles of woods and streams, so be prepared with sensible footwear that will keep you moving forward.

Binoculars. This will help you to see ahead, and know what you’re walking into, whether it’s fellow survivors or zombies waiting. Paracord. This is a must-have in any survival situation, so be prepared with it.

Food. Just like water, there won’t be stores open with food readily available, so put together some rations that will keep you going and won’t go bad.

Flashlight. You’ll need this for those dark nights, just make sure to pick a bright one, and preferably water resistant.

A good backpack. You’ll need to carry all your gear, so pick an option that has plenty of space for everything you need to have on you, and is comfortable to carry. A built-in hydration pack is a huge bonus.

A warm sleeping bag. You will need to sleep, even during a zombie apocalypse, so make sure you have something that will keep you warm and safe during cold nights.

Your firearm and a holster. You will want easy access to your firearm at all times, so choose a comfortable holster that allows easy access to your firearm.

Things are going to get hairy during the zombie apocalypse, so make sure you are ready. We don’t know when that will happen, so make sure to have your zombie apocalypse gear packed and ready to go. If you are planning a safe house, make sure you have enough supplies to keep you stocked for years, and that you have your security defenses in place for when the day comes. And remember, if you find other survivors, lend a helping hand when you can. We’ll have to stick together more than ever.