When you're forward thinking, you need to plan out different worst-case scenarios. One of those being a home invasion. Rather than have to figure out where you went wrong after it happens, you should do a home security assessment to determine the risk level you have on your house and various points that need some improvement. Don't let your house become a bullseye for a burglar!

There are several steps to a home security assessment, so make sure to set aside some time one day, and follow this checklist to see if there are areas in your home security plan that could use some improvement.

  • Know your neighborhood. If you haven't yet, take a walk around, take note of who seems to have cars home all day, who parks in the street, anything that could indicate suspicious activity.
  • Check your doorframes on several factors, including the material they are constructed of, the location of door hinges, if there is a deadbolt, and finally, if your door is locked at all times.
  • Stand in your street and note if valuables are visible through windows or doors. If so, you may reconsider getting some different window treatments.
  • Are entryways and pathways well lit at night?
  • Is your house number clearly visible from the street?
  • Can you see who is at your door without opening it, either through a peephole or security camera?
  • Do you have yard signs or decals indicating your home is monitored? If not, consider getting one, it can be a deterrent.
  • Are motion-sensor lights a part of your landscape plan? If not, get some, they will help your home be less of a target.
  • Do you have secondary locks on windows and doors?
  • Do you keep valuables stored in a safety deposit box or safe?
  • Do you leave a house key under your mat?
  • Is your back gate locked?
  • Are outdoor tools and valuables locked up in a shed or storage unit?
  • Do you shred documents containing personal information before throwing them out?
  • Did you re-key your doors when you moved in?
  • Do you have street lights near your home?
  • Do you have surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and/or a home security system?

Once you go through this checklist and answer the questions, anything that is a no, you may want to consider changing. This home security assessment may not prevent a break-in, but it will give you an idea of certain areas of your home that need improvement.