For those with a concealed carry license, having that sense of protection is a key part of how they live their life. However, there may be situations where you aren't allowed or choose not to bring your firearm. In that case, there are other ways to stay on guard and protect yourself from harm. Here are a few self-defense tactics that everyone should know and use as needed.

  • Get loud

One of the easiest and most effective self-defense tactics is simply to get loud and cause a scene. Most attackers will be deterred from attacking if you start yelling and drawing attention to the situation from the start. Not only will the attacker be less likely to continue the attack, but the shock of a forceful yell may even be enough to scare them off as soon as you see signs of them approaching. The key is to yell loudly and with confidence using phrases sure to draw attention such as "Get away from me now" or the old trick of yelling that there is a fire because more people will answer to that than a generic plea using the word "Help" as a way to get attention. The key is to be loud and show the attacker that you are not going to just quietly take it.

  • Know where to hit for highest impact

There are certain places to hit on the body which will cause more damage than others. Knowing where to hit your attacker is one of the best self-defense tactics to learn. For obvious reasons, the areas of soft tissue are the best to strike for maximum pain on your attacker, so areas such as eyes, nose, throat, groin, and neck. The key is to hit the hardest where you can do the most damage in the shortest amount of time. This is no time to be civil or shy. If someone is threatening you, a swift kick to the privates is sure to make them think twice.

  • Use the right parts of your body

Aside from knowing where to hit on the body of the attacker, it is also a good tactic to know how to hit to get the most force. While you may think your fist is the best way to go, most of the time you do more damage to yourself using the fist. To truly get the best impact, use a hard, sharp part of the body to inflict the blunt force such as your elbow, knee, or even your head. You can also use everyday objects if they are at the ready and make sense. For instance, gouging an attacker's eye with your car key is a great self-defense tactic.