Arcane LowPro Rail Attachment

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Arcane Concerted

$ 61.00


$ 61.00
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Arcane Concerted's LowPro Rail Attachment is a simple yet elegant design made to bring multiple functions to market in one small package.

One side is a traditional 4-position QD mount compatible with any standard size male QD sling attachment the market offers.

The other side features an even more functional loop. This can be used in conjunction with our ArcBands to prevent them from jettisoning from the rifle upon deploying the sling, with 550 Cord for people who prefer that method of sling attachment (or those who tie down sensitive items), and HK sling hooks.

These include the rail attachment, two screws rated at 140,000 PSI, and the Allen key to install the screws.

These are made using MIM grade 17-4PH stainless steel powder, high temperature sintering, and a heat treatment process resulting in a hardness of >HRC 34. Coating is QPQ for black and PVD for the FDE.

Designed, Manufactured, and coated in the USA.

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