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$ 109.99
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Ares Gear are one of the originators of the modern Gun Belt. Super stiff and comprised of 3 layers of a proprietary Scuba webbing, this Aegis Enhanced belt is designed to carry all of your gear without looking 'tactical' and drawing attention. Holster, mag pouches, flashlights, etc. The Aegis Belt will serve you well and wont flex under pressure.

This is the Aegis ENHANCED Belt. Just like the regular Aegis it has 2 layers of a proprietary super strong Scuba webbing, but this Enhanced version has an extra 3rd layer of thin webbing to provide even more rigidity to the belt. Users who have a waist size over 32" usually find the Aegis Enhanced more comfortable than the regular as well.  


Small - 32" Pant Size

Medium - 34" Pant Size

Large - 36" Pant Size

XL - 38" Pant Size

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