BFG Vertical Utility Dapper Pouch Wolf

Blue Force Gear

$ 30.00


$ 30.00
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Small and compact, the BFG Vertical Utility Dapper Pouch is one of the more versatile Dapper pouches out there. It will hold your most mission essential gear, med supplies, or quick access gear. Never forget what your storing with its clear top. Click it in with the velcro backing or anything thing with bags or packs with loops. Organize your life a little at a time with the BFG Vertical Utility Dapper Pouch.


  • Hook backer to mount on loop lined surfaces, Blue Force Gear Denied Area Pattern Packs, or other loop-lined packs and bags
  • Clear vinyl front 
  • Double zippers with blue pulls
  • Inside is loop-lined and compatible with Accessory Loop Dappers

Size: 8.5" x 5.5" x 2"

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