BlackPoint Tactical Mini Wing IWB Holster 1.75" - Glock 26/27

BlackPoint Tactical

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$ 79.99
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The minimalist wanted it, so we got it, the Black Point Mini Wing IWB Holster is the perfect minimalistic holster. You can change the ride height and cant of the holster to your specific needs by changing the placement of the hardware on the wing.

The term less is more couldn't be more accurate with these wings. Made like the Black Point Leather Wing, this holster cuts back on size, but kept its durability and comfort. The leather wings give the holster the ability to form to you and remain flexible with every body movement. Usually a fail point on holsters, the belt attachments are made solid polymer material, giving sturdiness and reliability. The hardware on this bad boy is solid, and a sweat card is standard with the holster, giving your firearm added protection and a touch point for the shooter. Welcome to the new age of holsters.   

  • For the Glock 26/27
  • For right handed shooters
  • A minimalist kydex shell, combined with flexible leather wings for optimal concealment and comfort
  • Designed to be worn IWB
  • 1.75" Polymer belt overhooks
  • Made in the USA!
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