Nixon Regulus Watch - Multicam


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$ 150.00
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Designed with input from both current and former U.S Special Operations personnel, the Regulus is a high-function, purpose-built, and weatherproof watch designed to meet and beat all your requirements.

  • Custom digital LCD module encased in a shock absorbing PU jacket
  • Dual timezone capable
  • 12 or 24 hour time
  • Day, date, and auto calendar through the year 2099
  • Dual chronographs with 1/100 second resolution visible from all mode screens
  • Count down timer
  • 3 Independent alarms
  • Adjustable LED backlight brightness
  • Silent mode turns off volume on all tones and alarms
  • 100 meters of water-resistance
  • Buttons are functional while underwater
  • 5-year battery life
  • Shock-absorbent materials that can withstand the rigors of life downrange

Customer Reviews

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Not what I was expecting....

At first glance this watch seems amazing due to it's large and easily readable face, sleek design, and VERY simple AND durable features. One HUGE issue for me-seeing that this was "tested" with special operations-I was really disappointed by the fencing around the buttons and the screen. I wear my watch on my right wrist, facing downward-I don't think they put into consideration for us lefties. My watch face constantly changes and is all scratched when all I want to do is check time-it's either in alarm mode or countdown. I'm a 3rd year wildland firefighter attached to an engine-you would think my job is easy apparently this watch can't handle the "easy" job I have. Looks like I've had it for 2 years-laminate is pealing, metal is worn, is screen is scratched-I've only been on 16 fires and passed 100mi of walking distance with it. Screen is scuffed up due to barely if any fencing around to protect it, unlike G-Shocks which works wonders! I really want to love this watch but if Nixon doesn't fix this I don't think I'll get another Regulus and just still with G-Shocks. Also, I'm a cert. scuba-diver but have yet to put it through it's paces through the water. My only nag is that buttons and screen needs to be fenced off more-quite a design flaw in my opinion.

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