Crye Precision Nightcap

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Crye Precision

$ 66.00


Simple SKU: ACC-HN1-01-000
$ 66.00
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Solving the problem of wearing NVGs when you don’t need a helmet, the NIGHTCAP™ is great for low-vis needs, general recce work, and even hunting. Stuff it in your pocket until needed and then just clip your NVGs in for a lightweight and stable option when a helmet is not needed. Packs down to practically nothing. Feels like wearing a baseball hat. Simple, adjustable, and breathable. Compatible will all current 3-hole and 4-hole NVG mounts (does not include NVG mount). One size fits all. Made in the US from US materials.


  1. Cable routing channels
  2. Highly adjustable headband and chin strap
  3. Padded structural support for NVG mount
  4. No helmet needed to use NVGs
  5. Stable and comfortable
  6. Battery pack attachment
  7. Simple low-profile chin strap
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