Darn Tough Merino Wool No Show Cushion PT Sock - 2017

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No show/low profile mesh Tactical PT sock. True Seamless™ for that virtually indistinguishable toe seam. Mesh knitting on top of foot for enhanced breathability. Reinforced heel and toe for increased durability. Elastic support knit into the arch for a foot hugging fit. The ideal choice for the "less is more"? footwear fan.
Materials: 71% Merino Wool, 27% Nylon, 2% Lycra® Spandex
Flame Resistant Merino Wool:

  • Merino yarn is naturally flame resistant.

  • Merino wool will not melt or drip.

  • Merino wool self extinguishes when it comes in contact with flame.

All Weather Performance Merino Wool:

    • Naturally regulates body's temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    • Naturally anti-microbial. Reduces odor and can be worn comfortably several days in a row without washing.

    • Will keep you warm even when wet.

    • Extreme wicking power.

    • Fast drying.

    • Darn Touch knits with Merino wool from the softest and most durable category.

    • Shrink treated for easy care.

    7x Stronger*: Darn Tough's Merino wool socks are knit with fine gauge Merino wool which is the strongest category of this type of wool. They have also developed several proprietary knitting techniques which dramatically increase the durability of their socks. *ASTM-D 3886 Abrasion Test: Cushion socks survived 30,000 rubs, 7 times longer than the leading brand.

    Ultra Comfort: Not only are fine gauge yarns stronger they are also softer, Darn Tough knits on high needle count knitting machines to create tremendous 3-Dimensional stretch resulting in a foot hugging fit. They also knit densely packed resilient terry loops to create unmatched cushioning with out unnecessary bulk.

    Zero Friction: Every Model Darn Tough designs is knit with a performance fit to virtually eliminate blisters. Darn Tough socks will not fall down, move at your heel or shift under the ball of your foot.

    Made in the U.S.A.: The Cabot family has 3 generations of sock manufacturing experience and has been knitting in Vermont for over 30 years. Many of Darn Tough's employees have been with them 10, 20 and some almost 30 years. Darn Tough leverages this know-how into the quality of each pair they develop and knit.

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