Dynamis Alliance Combat Flathead

Dynamis Alliance

$ 215.00


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$ 215.00
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While Dom Raso was overseas, his experience in combat ultimately led to the conclusion that the beefed up flat head screw driver he carried on every single operation, was one of the single most useful tools he had used. The situations and applications were limitless and it came in handy often.  some of the functions included,  breaching doors and windows, punching holes, weapons and optic maintenance. The amount of uses for this easily concealable and durable flat head are endless.  We created a simple design that you can carry with you anywhere.  This is a must for everyday carry and is now streamlined enough to clip inside the waistband comfortably.

Forged proudly in the USA and hand crafted by Winkler Knives 


  • Includes minimalist sheath with Zero clip
  • Full Tang Construction
  • Steel - 80CRV2
  • Leather Wrapped Handle
  • Dynamis Engravings
  • Minimalist Design
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
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