Dynamis Alliance Luis A. Souffront Charity Memorial Tee

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$ 34.99
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Luis A. Souffront was a Warrior, Brother, lover, fighter, EOD tech, and one of the best operators we have ever known.

He was killed on February 8, 2008 in Iraq while crushing the enemy. He continually put himself in harm’s way to protect his brothers and would have done anything to accomplish our mission of protecting FREEDOM.

This design represents just a fraction of what Luis stood for. He absolutely loved spear fishing, and the Dynamis team has embraced that lifestyle because of his influence. The mines in the water represent the danger that was present while doing what he loved most. He always “got amongst it,” and no matter the circumstances, he gave it his all.

Artwork is by Joey Nobody

If you purchase one of these shirts, THANK YOU! 100% of the proceeds made on this shirt are donated back to his family.


NOTE: In the photos Dom is wearing the same shirt but a different color. This listing is for the pale blue as seen in the mock-up

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