Haley Strategic Disruptive Enviroments D3 Slings

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Haley Strategic

$ 89.00


$ 89.00
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The D3 Sling started out as a custom design built by Travis Haley for his Force Recon platoon during a deployment overseas. It then became a lifelong mission for him to build a rifle sling that works around the end user, and not the other way around.

The D3 Rifle Sling can be run in single point or two point configuration and has been designed to transition between the two in moments. The sling includes two, positive locking QD swivels and features Haley's proven, SDI single hand quick adjustment system.

The sling also debuts a low profile pad, inspired by climbing harnesses created by the world's leading mountaineering companies. A 5-layer laminated construction sealed with stretch woven materials, the pad provides stability and comfort without adding weight or bulk. 

The D3 Rifle Sling is the result of over 15 years of continuous use, revision and improvement, delivering a versatile platform intuitive to the point where the rifle becomes a natural extension of the body.

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