HSGI Polymer Mini Pistol Taco

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$ 23.00
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 The HSGI Polymer Mini Pistol Taco functions just like the it's nylon counterpart. This bad boy offers a slick look that is perfect for the classic leather LEO duty belts. Even with its hard polymer frame, it still allows flexibly with its bungee cord and polymer sides so that it can hold most any brand mag. The new mounting system allows the taco to be mounted both on the belt and with molle weaving. This taco is specifically designed for short double stack mags with a reduced capacity or small tools and knives. 

Key Features: 

  • Mounts to both MOLLE and belts up to 2” with our new universal HSGI® Clips 
  • Pop lock configuration orients excess bungee down and out of the way 
  • Features grommets for drainage 
  • Made with water proof materials (does not water proof inserted items) 
  • Flared tops enable easy reinsertion of magazines
  • Short pouch for easier grip on iserted item and lower weight 



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