LBX Modular Admin Pouch


$ 12.95


Simple SKU: LBX-0070-ARID
$ 12.95
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Don't miss out on the LBX Modular Admin Pouch. This pouch works great for easy access storage on your plate-carrier or ruck. You will have no problem pulling out your map and continuing mission when the LT gets you lost. 
    • Quick pull tab on front for easy access to contents
    • Secures via heavy duty hook and loop closure
    • Front of pouch has strip for unit patch/call-sign
    • Secures to tactical vest by modular webbing, also compatible with all U.S. Military MOLLE components
    • Interior contains removable separator
    • Overall Dimensions: 5.5L x 6.5W
    • Weight: 0.205 lbs
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